Allright, let me start from the beginning.

As a young teen I never had a natural cycle, I never had my menstruation period and puberty started slow.

When I met my first boyfriend at the age of 15, we decided it was time to start taking a birth control pill.

At that moment everything went super fast.

I gained a lot of weight, my breasts tripled in size and I had insane menstruation periods.

The periods kicked in one week per month, whether I decided to keep taking the pills for more than 3 weeks or not.

They were so intense and heavy that it wasn’t enough for me to use a tampon and a sanitary napkin for more than 1 hour.

School trips became horrific and I just felt very bad about it all.

At that point I went by to my gynecologist for another birth control pill, who prescribed a heavier one and after that it all became a little more livable.

Years passed by and I actually never really thought about the fact anymore that I never had my periods in a natural way.


Kids already?

I met my husband about 4 years ago, October 2014 and we got married on July 22th 2017.

If you would have asked me 4 years ago when I wanted to have kids, I would have told you either never or after my 30s.

Oh, how things can change!

My husband is 13 years older than me, so for him, assuming we will be happily together ever after, it was time to start thinking about kids.

At first, since I was only 22 at the time we started thinking about it, I felt scared about committing the rest of my life already having kids.

But hey, I am an openminded woman and after chatting about it for a long time, I felt like it would actually be super much fun to be a young mom.

Either you get pregnant at 22 or at 40, it will always has its pros and cons.

We decided to go for it and for the first couple of months we just tried the natural way.

I stopped taking my birth control pill and waited until everything to go with the flow.

Of course, nothing happened.

My skin became greasier again, I felt bad all the time and it just felt like my puberty all over again.

I never had my menstrual periods and at that moment I decided to go to a more specialized fertility gynecologist to have a check up.

After only 1 scan she could tell my 100% certain that I had PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

I actually never heard of PCOS before.

My family is pretty fertile and nobody really had a lot of difficulties getting pregnant.

After looking it up and learning more about it, all my symptoms of the past couple of years became so obvious.

At that moment we knew it was going to take a little more effort to have a baby.

But hey, it’s the 21st century, everything is possible!

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